Education is not easy without passion. EduPros has passion. A passion for learning and technology and we put this passion into every thing we do.

We deliver innovative, quality learning solutions leveraging great technology.

But response and delivery is all about people, not technology and EduPros is built on its people. We are not the biggest but we are the best at what we do and that is delivering the best learning solutions for our clients, that’s why they say “learning has never been this easy”.

Instructional design - content to courses that deliver results!

Great learning outcomes start with effective design. EduPros designs online content based on the current adult learning principles and theories. We ensure that online sessions are dynamic and varied. Interactivity and feedback are key. Staying flexible allows us to assess progress and adjust on the fly. Implementation and evaluation round out the process allowing to ensure effective and efficient learning.


E-learning is not just the technology behind the design. It is a way of social interaction, development and collaboration all leading to success for the learner. EduPros uses the latest software and server based tools to bring the learning content online. Whether synchronous and asynchronous methodologies are part of your strategy, we have the tools and the expertise to deliver.

Strategic Consulting

Training and professional development have become an integral part of business today. The shift to a knowledge based economy has placed a new emphasis on individual education. It can be difficult to define what training is required and how your goals align with the outcomes so real benefits can be achieved. We are here to help. EduPros extensive knowledge can be brought to the table in order to define a real “Learning” strategy for your organization.


  • Knowledge: We bring our experience and insight to the table; the latest learning research; current market developments; the latest technologies and best practices;
  • Agility: Being agile is important to how we work with our clients. It also enables us to look for new and innovative ways of improving deliverables. Rapid e-learning tools, open source and collaborative systems help us get there;
  •  Contact: We are proud of delivery performance and effective learning outcomes for our clients. Relationship is a key to the success of our solutions. We not only focus on development – we also deliver on implementation, provide change management and ongoing support.

Our Skills



Jana Smith

Jana is EduPros President and founder. She leads on some of our key accounts and our product development. Beginning her career in higher education, Jana has over 23 years’ experience in education roles.



  • EduPros courses have delivered highly effective outcomes for my teams. The level of learning and comprehension has been fantastic.



    L. E. Mason, CLAS Professional Development Coordiantor,